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Khaneh Siah Ast (The House is Black) (1962)

Iran 22m, B&W
Director: Forough Farrokhzad

houseisblackThe House is Black is a subversive and difficult, but unforgettable short documentary about the plight of the all-but-forgotten inhabitants of an Iranian leper colony. Farrokhzad’s horrific depiction of life in the colony is an exposition of the wasted lives and human suffering which need not be so. Notwithstanding their conditions, we learn that that colonists continue to have faith in God, despite the fact that they have apparently been cursed by him, and that their only real hope must come from modern medicine, and the very few who care enough to help. As such, The House is Black is a plea to humanity, a critique of the state, and a questioning of God. It is a profound  film  that needed to be made, but one which you never want to view more than once  (Klaus Ming June 2009).

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