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Pom Poko (1994)

Japan 119m, Colour Director: Isao Takahata; Cast: Kokontei Shinchou, Makoto Nonomura, Yuriko Ishida, Norihei Miki, Nijiko Kiyokawa Pom Poko is an imaginative cautionary tale about the perils of urban sprawl … Continue reading

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Halloween (1978)

US 91m, Colour Director: John Carpenter; Cast: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, P. J. Soles, Nancy Loomis Halloween is the story of an escaped psychiatric patient named Michael Myers who … Continue reading

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When Worlds Collide (1951)

US 83m, Colour Director: Rudolph Maté; Cast: Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter Hansen, John Hoyt When Worlds Collide is a science fiction doomsday film based on the Wylie and Balmer … Continue reading

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The Defiant Ones (1958)

US 97m, B&W Director: Stanley Kramer; Cast: Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel, Cara Williams, Charles McGraw, Lon Chaney, Jr. The Defiant Ones is a well-written and intelligent drama about two prisoners … Continue reading

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