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Le Voyage dans la lune (1902)

France 13m, silent (B&W)
Director: Georges Méliès; Cast: Victor André, Georges Méliès, Bleuette Bernon, Henri Delannoy, and Jeanne d’Alcy

voyagetothemoonGeorges Méliès writes, directs, produces and stars in “A Trip to the Moon”, a frantically-paced primitive film which features astronomer-wizards dressed in robes and pointy hats who are loaded into a projectile by sailors who shoot them out of a giant cannon into outer space. Upon reaching their destination they are met by Selenites, the moon’s fantastical inhabitants, who inexplicably disappear into clouds of dust when struck by these umbrella-wielding moon explorers. Cited as the first science-fiction film, Le Voyage dans la lune is most often heralded for its visual effects, which have long overshadowed the original value of the film – thirteen minutes of fun (Klaus Ming November 2008).


One comment on “Le Voyage dans la lune (1902)

  1. Squish

    And what a BLAST it is!

    Right in yer eye!

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