ming movie reviews

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Frankenstein (1931)

USA 71m, sound (B&W)
Director: James Whale; Cast: Boris Karloff; Colon Clive; Mae Clarke, John Boles

frankensteinFrankenstein is arguably the best monster film ever made. In addition to some outstanding visual, make-up and special effects, the success of the film largely relies on the villager’s misunderstanding of the creature and the audience’s sympathy that is derived from this dilemma. One of the most important scenes, and perhaps the most controversial is the monster’s accidental killing of the innocent little girl who befriends him, which is both horrific and tragic on a number of levels. As there are numerous differences to Shelly’s novel, it can be argued that the film was more inspired by the novel, than adapted from it. Despite the differences, Whale’s version of the monster has become iconic in the horror genre and has yet to be equaled (Klaus Ming March 2009).

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