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Orphans of the Storm (1921)

USA 150m, silent B&W
Director: D.W. Griffith; Cast: Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Joseph Schildkraut, Frank Losee

orphansofthestormOrphans of the Storm is set in 18th century France and follows the story of two-step sisters amid the privilege of aristocratic life and the poverty of the commoner. This is arguably the best of Griffith’s work, and is one of the finest films of the silent era. The production values are superb, with fabulous costuming and hundreds of extras, authentic looking sets and fine camera work. Griffith’s social commentary on this period is also quite appropriate in the telling of this revolutionary story. Orphans is a most entertaining and memorable movie based on a great story and excellent performances by the Gish sisters (Klaus Ming April 2009).

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