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Jezebel (1938)

USA, 138m, B&W
Director: William Wyler, Cast: Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, George Brent

jezebelJezebel is an earlier and more overtly political, albeit less colorful version of Gone With the Wind (1939). The film explores the social and cultural differences between the North and the South during the period leading up to the Civil War set amid an ill-fated love story and a pandemic which threatens the entire population of New Orleans. While overtly portraying the romanticized view of the south during the Antebellum period, it does not skirt the issue of slavery as Gone with the Wind would do in 1939. Davis’ mesmerizing portrayal as Julie, the spoiled southern-belle who loses her man to a northern woman is one of her finest performances, and is arguably one the best in female leads in movie history (Klaus Ming May 2009).

2 comments on “Jezebel (1938)

  1. TSorensen

    If “Jezebel” had been in color maybe we would have remebered it rather that Gone with the wind. While shorter it strikes a heavier punch than Gone with the Wind. And you are right; Bette Davis is glorious.

    • Klaus

      I was really surprised by this film – I hadn’t heard of it prior to reading the 1001 list – a real gem that is unfortunately overshadowed by Gone With the Wind.

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