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American Movie (1999)

USA 107m, Colour
Director: Chris Smith; Cast: Mark Borchardt, Monica Borchardt, Ken Keen, Mike Schank, Bill Borchardt

American_Movie_1999American Movie is an engaging documentary about the life and work of Mark Borchardt, an independent Milwaukee filmmaker who attempts to make “Northwestern” the quintessential American movie – which is to be loosely based upon his early drinking days with his best friends. However, due to a lack of time, funding and resources, the film is put on indefinite hold. The documentary then follows Mark and company as he finishes a 1/2 hour horror flick entitled “Coven” which reveals Borchardt’s aspirations and angst as a frustrated 30 year old film-maker. Along this journey, we are also introduced to his equally challenging personal life, including an unforgettable relationship with uncle Bill who backs his film-making efforts, and his loyal friends who not only believe in Mark’s projects, but who contribute to them (Klaus Ming 2009).

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