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District 9 (2009)

New Zealand & South Africa 112m, Colour
Director: Neill Blomkamp; Cast: Sharlto Copley; Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt, Robert Hobbs, Vanessa Haywood

2009_district_9District 9 is one of the most original and engaging alien movies yet made.  Shot in a documentary style, this is a science fiction action movie that is a major departure from most other alien movies which have either portrayed the aliens as cute kind beings or as villains preoccupied with earth’s destruction. Although its pseudo-documentary style is reminiscent of zombie-genre movies, the the the film’s believability sets this film apart from most others which have attempted to use this method of story-telling. The lack of big name North American actors and the South African location further adds to the sense of realism. What will happen in District 10 in three years time is anyone’s guess, but it should be worth waiting for (Klaus Ming August 2009).


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