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Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)

Italy/USA/France 95m, Colour
Director: Paul Morrissey; Cast: Udo Kier, Joe Dallesandro; Monique van Vooren; Arno Juerging; Dalila Di Lazzaro; Srdjan Zelenovic

Presented by Andy Warhol, Flesh for Frankenstein is Paul Morrissey’s uniquely disturbing interpretation of the Frankenstein story which is presented as a mix of horror, sex, voyeurism, and comedy, much in the same manner as Blood for Dracula. While Kier’s performance in Dracula was unsurpassed for its quirkiness, he is somewhat upstaged in Frankenstein by his assistant, played by Arno Juerging, whose memorable performance is noteworthy amongst a cast of eccentric and attention-demanding characters. Originally presented in 3D, Flesh for Frankenstein contains a number of scenes which were exploited for greatest effect, including the gruesomely-humorous impaling of Doctor Frankenstein (Klaus Ming February 2010).

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