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CJ7 (2008)

Hong Kong 86m, Colour
Director: Stephen Chow: Cast: Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Tin Kai Man

CJ7 is an underrated and widely misunderstood science-fiction comedy that is the Chinese equivalent of ET, but with a much less creepy alien. The film is about a young boy and his hardworking, but poor father, who dreams of providing a better life for his son. The boy, Dicky Chow is the subject of regular humiliation at his school, as the other boys, and even some of the teachers give him daily reminders of his low social standing. After coming into possession of an Alien “dog” which he names CJ7, and which has seemingly magical powers, Dicky is sure his fortunes are about to change. Xu Jiao’s expressively-rich performance as Dicky Chow is brilliant, and he is supported by a great cast of fun and interesting young characters. The lightheartedness of the look and feel of this film is counterbalanced by an underlying seriousness and an emotional depth of the story which is not suited for young children, but which provides the basis for the exploration of the loving family relationship which is at the root of this very entertaining film (Klaus Ming March 2010).

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