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Into the Wild (2007)

USA 148m, Colour
Director: Sean Penn; Cast: Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Jena Malone, Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Stewart, Hal Holbrook

Based on a book by Jon Krakauer, which documents the life and death of Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild is a tragic story about a young man’s idealist rejection of materialism, society, friends and family – which ultimately led to his demise in the Alaskan wilderness. In contrast to what appears to be a realistic portrayal of McCandless’ break from society, one which was rooted in strained family relationships, and his deeply entrenched philosophical attitudes – the film tends to downplay the hardships of his journey in favor of McCandless’ romanticized perspective. Although a critical viewing of this film reveals this, such an understanding may well be lost on other would-be adventurers who might be inspired by this story to simply “better prepare” (Klaus Ming April 2010).


3 comments on “Into the Wild (2007)

  1. klausming

    My 200th review from the 1001 movie list and 277th review since November 2008!

  2. Derrick

    i saw this movie on a plane and then bought it the day it came out on dvd, loved it but sadly its one of those films that quickly flip lops in my mind. Now all i can see is all the character faults. Its a very sad true story but i know too many people like Christopher McCandless and agree with you. Hopefully this movie doesn’t promote the level of reckless adventure that some might misplace as the message. The music was the exact score the movies tone needed. I fell however that someone else directing it could have developed it into a better telling of McCandless’s story. I dislike Sean Penn.

  3. chrislejarzar

    I thought this was a solid movie overall. The soundtrack by Eddie Vedder REALLY helps it out. It’s an hard one to “like” because McCandless comes off as a complete douchebag (hard for me to root for him).

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