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Platoon (1986)

USA /UK 120m, Colour
Director: Oliver Stone; Cast: Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Forest Whitaker, Francesco Quinn, John C. McGinley

Platoon is a Vietnam war film told from the first person perspective of a patriotic young American soldier played by Charlie Sheen who quits college and joins the army to serve his country. Despite his initial enthusiasm, the reality of the combat situations, including the poor living conditions, and especially the infighting within his platoon turn his focus inward and to one of simple survival. Stone’s portrayal of the war, particularly in view of the ethical dilemmas posed by guerrilla combat, is a dramatic departure from traditional war films that deal with honour and valor (Klaus Ming April 2010).

6 comments on “Platoon (1986)

  1. Marc

    One of Oliver Stone’s very best films in my opinion. Agreed, it did take a look at war from the “inside” instead of a “look how great our Army is” John Wayne or “Patton” type if film. Makes you kind of understand what it was like to be in the middle of a war. Especially from the stand point no one really knowing what was going on or who the enemy really was.

    Also, looking back this really had an (at the time) all star cast. Kind of like a war version of “The Outsiders”:) Just an impressive film none the less!

  2. klausming

    …Speaking of John Wayne – I have to watch a couple of his films from the 1001 movie list – it’ll be a few hours i’ll never get back 😉

  3. Derrick

    Great film. Last few times i watched it i followed it up with Born on the Fourth of July. Now i think of the 2 as one big Stone movie. Could of got a Stone box set of all his films up to Alexander for 30 bucks new, passed on it becuase i owned them all, mostly on vhs, still kicking myself for not getting it.

    • Klaus

      I try not to make the mistake of NOT buying something I’ll know i’ll regret not purchasing.

  4. Mark

    So your choice for BP in ’86 was The Mission, huh? Not mine, Blue Velvet for me. David Lynch came up with one unique masterpiece unlike anything ever put on the screen. With it’s jarring contrasts between dark and light subject matter, it just boggles your mind. And Hopper’s performance was nothing short of a tour de’force.

    • Klaus

      I saw The Mission in theaters as a second choice to something else that was sold out at the time. Not knowing anything about it, and having no expectations, it blew me away. I’ve never not been impressed by repeated viewings over the years.

      Blue Velvet was a recent watch for me – and while I enjoyed it, i’m not a big Lynch fan – although i do agree that Hopper’s character / performance is pretty memorable!

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