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7 Lucky Ninja Kids (1989)

Taiwan 80m, Colour
Director: Chao Chen Kuo; Cast: Chai-Ming Chang, Wei-Pai Cheng, Pei Chiao, Yu-Ta Hsu, Tung-An Lin, Chi-Cheng Wang, Wei-De Yang

Over two decades before Kick Ass, the 7 Lucky Ninja Kids – decked out in 1980s street fashion, were trading punches with adult villains to a musical soundtrack composed of almost certainly unlicensed western pop songs. The result is a badly dubbed and unintentionally hilarious movie that was inappropriately marketed to children, despite the violence, mild language and sexual innuendo. Barely a B-movie, 7 Lucky Kids has little-to-no plot and is perhaps most entertaining during the fighting musical montage which introduces the kids before they attempt to return the lost diamond and do battle with an inept gang of mobsters (Klaus Ming April 2010).

9 comments on “7 Lucky Ninja Kids (1989)

  1. Ali

    Gee i loved this film as a kid! Only song i remember tho is ‘i just called to say i love you’ playin as a girl does a marilyn monroe pose… it was just enjoyable…. fun to see kids bashing up adults and with elan!

  2. klausming

    I’d never heard of this film until a friend picked up a VHS copy a few years back – and since then, to my surprise, a number of people have told me they had seen it and loved it as a kid.

  3. Derrick

    yeah, at first the small gang of friends i showed it too had never seen anything like it, recently over the last few years, whenever i find somthing on the net about it or mention it to someone in passing i get the “i loved it as a kid” comment. I wish i saw it as a kid, was it on tv alot or in rental?

  4. Klaus

    This is one of a small number film reviews which consistently appears in my “Most Popular Posts”. I suspect that it has a far greater underground following than I would have ever imagined. I may attempt to do a little research on the film for a follow-up post…

    I just realized that my review comes up as #12 on a Google search – guess that doesn’t hurt either!

    • Klaus

      I wonder where the 7 Luck Ninja Kids are today?

  5. shawn

    My brothers and i must have rented this movie at least a couple times a month when we were kids. We still quote it to this day. To my huge and pleasant surprise today, i stumbled upon the apparent sequel to this movie. Its called 37 Ninja Kids, and the tag line is something like, “The 7 ninja kids are back with 30 of their friends…..” I was not aware there was a sequel and i cannot wait to watch it with my brptger!

    • Klaus

      Wow! I must look for it. Thanks for the comment and information!

  6. okeke tobechi

    can i still get this movie… really need to give it to my kids to see. please who can be of help

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