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The Party (1968)

USA 99m, Colour
Director: Blake Edwards: Cast: Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet, Marge Champion, Fay McKenzie, Gavin MacLeod

As Hrundi V. Bakshi, the Gunga Din inspired bugle player that refuses to die, Peter Sellers created one of his most memorable characters in what may be the funniest movie of his career. After a series of mishaps on set, and being told that he will never make another movie, Bakshi is mistakenly added to the guest list of an exclusive Hollywood party. The remainder of The Party simply follows Seller’s character as he chases his lost shoe, awkwardly mingles with the guests, feeds the birdie “num nums”, destroys a bathroom and finally meets and falls for Michèle, an aspiring French entertainer who rescues him from a near drowning experience. The physicality in Sellers’ performance and the use of a string of “gags” in the Party is reminiscent of the best of silent film comedy (Klaus Ming May 2010).


One comment on “The Party (1968)

  1. Derrick

    i just finished watching it, great movie. I wish Peter Seller’s lived long enough so that my gen could have grown up watching him. Instead we got Polly Shore.

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