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[REC] (2007)

Spain 75m, Colour
Directors: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza; Cast: Manuela Velasco, Javier Botet, Manuel Bronchud, Martha Carbonell, Claudia Font, Vicente Gil

Remade in English as “Quarantine”, the original hand-held camera – pseudo-documentary style Spanish language horror film REC is superior film. Shot within the confines of an old apartment which has been locked down by the authorities, the residents and a team of firemen, accompanied by a reporter and camera man from a local television station become victims of a zombie-like outbreak from which there is no escape. REC is an exciting and frightening film which utilizes confined spaces and darkness to create an overwhelming sense of confusion and increasing helplessness for an ever decreasing number of uninfected characters. Although most “shaky cam” films are generally annoying, REC finds a good balance both literally and figuratively in its use (Klaus Ming May 2010).

6 comments on “[REC] (2007)

  1. Tim

    That’s interesting – I didn’t realize that Quarantine was a re-make. Its been a while, but I think I liked it, so I’ll have to check this out. Thanks!

    • klausming

      Almost shot for shot. Let me know if you want to borrow them – I can drop the movies off this weekend.

  2. Marc

    REC was awesome! I am even in the minority that liked its US remake…just too bad they totally spoiled the the ending in both the trailer and the cover of the effen movie! Smart move on the part of the marketing dept, wouldn’t you say:(

    Looking forward to REC 2…also heard they began working on REC 3 and 4…exciting huh?

    • klausming

      I liked Quarantine as well, and didn’t initially know it was a remake of [REC]. I suppose it was better to re-make it than to dub it for people who don’t like subtitles.

      I watched [REC2] last night. It picks up right after this one “finishes” – unfortunately it’s not as good as the original. I’ll review it tomorrow.

  3. Derrick

    im glad you liked them and watched 1 and 2 back to back

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