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Rushmore (1998)

USA 93m, Colour
Director: Wes Anderson; Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams, Seymour Cassel, Brian Cox

rushmoreRushmore is the story of Max Fischer a troubled 15 year-old student whose failing grades are secondary to his numerous extracurricular activities, which include a crush on Rosemary Cross, the school’s alluring and recently widowed grade 1 teacher. Unfortunately for Max, his friend Herman Blume, played by Bill Murray, also admires Rosemary. Unique performances and a quirky plot are fittingly accompanied by an inventive use of 1960s pop songs which are not contemporary to the film, but which provide a perfect mood for this engaging and enjoyable film. Rushmore is also notable for the reintroduction of Bill Murray as a serious film actor, who would go on to appear in a number of Anderson’s best films (Klaus Ming June 2010).

2 comments on “Rushmore (1998)

  1. I really enjoyed Bill Murray in this film. Definitely had an interesting story along with a unique directing style of Wes Anderson.

  2. Klaus

    Until this past week, I’d never seen Rushmore (which is really odd) – as i’ve long been a fan of Wes Anderson and Bill Murray. I’m not sure how I missed seeing this until now.

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