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The Thing (1982)

USA 109m, Colour
Director: John Carpenter; Cast: Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David, David Clennon, Donald Moffat, Thomas G. Waites, Joel Polis, Peter Maloney, Charles Hallahan, T. K. Carter, Richard Dysart, Richard Masur

The Thing ranks as one of the best science fiction horror films ever made. In a plot similar to Alien (1979), it features an extraterrestrial parasitic creature which is released from thousands of years of hibernation in Antarctic ice to threaten not only those who found it, but the very existence of humanity. After a team of American researchers investigate the remains of a ruined Norwegian camp, they inadvertently become new hosts for the creature – which provides some of the most anxious moments in cinema history, as suspicion and paranoia grow amongst the remaining team members. Based on my own experiences as a researcher who has spent time in an isolated Arctic environment, this is definitely not a good movie to watch just before your upcoming field season (Klaus Ming June 2010).

8 comments on “The Thing (1982)

  1. Derrick

    i brought this up to Baffin Island 2 years back, i disagree, the arctic is the only place to watch movies like this.

    • Klaus

      Funny you say that – I was thinking it either was or wasn’t (and probably should have said: it is “definitely not a good movie (or the best movie) to watch just before your upcoming field season 🙂

  2. Marc

    One of my all time favorites Klaus. Carpenter’s trademark shots, awesome and iconic creature effects and all contribute to this very smart “can’t trust anyone” film. Horror classic all the way and one of Russell’s best. Great, I want to watch this again right now:)

    • Klaus

      The Thing is a lot of fun, and even the special effects still look pretty good by today’s standards. I think it’s Carpenter’s best film.

  3. Derrick

    and its a prefect example at how to do a “remake”. This movie only takes parts of the overall name and plot of the 51 version so remake may not really be the right word. But i allways viewed this, like alot of well done remakes, as a continuation on the first movie as much as a revamp. The DVD Savant, over at DVD Talk, sums movies like this up best, his quote was for The Fly and War of the worlds remakes but it holds true for The Thing as well.

    “The remakes fail because the original fantasies, perfect for a particular time and place, are no longer relevant. It’s like telling a bedtime story to adults — not only are they bored with the same plot, they miss Mom and Dad’s bedtime manner. The rare movie that improves on the original — Cronenberg’s The Fly is a good example — re-thinks the original concept for a new era.”

    The Thing From Another World, for a early 50s movie, im sure at the time was crazy, fine as somthing from that era but is so dull for today, even as a pre teen watching this on tv it put me to sleep. The Thing is all about rethinking for the 80s era. It really is in my top 5 horror when i think of 80s horror.

  4. Klaus

    Speaking of good re-makes, maybe we’ll to see del Toro’s “Frankenstein” sooner than later – now that he’s dropped out as director on the Hobbit.

  5. CMrok93

    Carpenter not only is great at horror, but when it comes to suspense, it works on many crazy effin levels. Here, is his best example.

  6. Klaus

    Your right – the suspense is the best part of this movie. It’s been one of my favorite films since I saw it back in my college days.

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