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Warning Shadows: Home Alone with Classic Cinema (2010)

Author: Gary Giddins; Publisher: W.W Norton & Company, NY; First Edition, 416 pages; ISBN 978-0-393-33792-1 (pbk.)

warningshadowsBeginning with a history of how we have watched movies from the time of their invention until now, Warning Shadows promises a unique perspective on classic cinema which we can now watch from the comfort of our homes, and how this intimate style of viewing has changed the way we see, hear and react to some of the greatest and lesser known films of the last century. Despite the thread of how these movies “play at home”, and some excellent perspectives on film, the book lacks a degree of continuity, and at times feels little more than a collection of disconnected essays. Notwithstanding these criticisms, Warning Shadows remains an interesting and inspiring book, not to mention a most credible advertisement for the Criterion Collection (there really is no better source for classic cinema), and the need to own even more movies (Klaus Ming August 2010).


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