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Mad Max (1979)

Australia 88m, Colour
Director: George Miller; Cast: Mel Gibson, Steve Bisley, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Tim Burns, Geoff Parry

Mad Max is the first in a series of three dystopian action films in which the “near future” is characterized by a lawlessness and brutality in an age where the world’s oil supplies are near exhaustion. Underlying the simple revenge plot of this very well-made low-budget B-movie is a more sophisticated narrative concerning socio-economic breakdown of society seen through the experiences of “Mad” Max Rockatansky – a renegade member of the Australian Federal Highway Police who unrelentingly pursues vengeance against a group of deranged bikers. Despite reviews which criticized the film’s explicit and overly violent nature, it has become an archetypal post-apocalyptic road movie with one of cinema’s most memorable anti-heroes (Klaus Ming December 2010).


2 comments on “Mad Max (1979)

  1. joem18b

    long after watching road warrior and beyond thunderdome, i finally got back to mad max at some point. i don’t know what i was expecting but it was so low-budget, or something, that i’ve bailed on it a couple of times.

    • Klaus

      Ooops, looks like i missed your post back in 2010 – Low budget for sure, but better than Beyond Thunderdome. Best watched with the original Australian dialogue – not the Americanized voice overs.

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