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The Sound of Music (1965)

US 174m, Colour
Director: Robert Wise; Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn, Peggy Wood, Charmian Carr

Based on the Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway musical of the same name, The Sound of Music, contains some of the most iconic music in film history. Filmed in part on location in Salzburg and in Bavaria, the film is also notable for its sweeping aerial photography. Essentially a love story, The Sound of Music is a more adult version of Mary Poppins (1964), with Julie Andrews playing a nun who takes on the role of governess for the Von Trapp family, who then falls in love with the children’s father. Despite a late plot development involving the family’s attempt to escape the Nazis, the film is a sweet and lighthearted, albeit lengthy and musically repetitious family affair (Klaus Ming December 2010).

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