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Serpico (1973)

US 130m, Colour
Director: Sidney Lumet; Cast: Al Pacino, John Randolph, Tony Roberts, Bernard Barrow, M. Emmet Walsh

Serpico is based on the true story about an honest New York City cop who attempts to uncover the deeply rooted corruption within the ranks of the New York City police force.  Filmed on location in New York City, the movie has a level of realism and rawness which is matched by Pacino’s superbly gritty performance as the eccentric Frank Serpico and the colorful cast of crooked cops and street criminals. Arguably, the strength of this film is in the screenplay which not only provides a first-rate crime drama, but also a gripping insight into the tumultuous personal life of Frank Serpico – whose character, in a lesser film, would not have been as rich, flawed and interesting (Klaus Ming December 2010).

3 comments on “Serpico (1973)

  1. Dave Becker

    Lumet and Pacino teamed up for two great films: this one, and DOG DAY AFTERNOON. Both are excellent, and Pacino delivers two of his finest performances for the director.

    • Klaus

      For sure, Pacino was pretty amazing in both of these. I’ve come to better appreciate the number of excellent films from the 1970s as a result of the 1001 book/list – which I previously had little regard for.

  2. Dave Becker

    I’d have to say the 70’s is my favorite decade. My top-20 list has more 70’s films than any other decade.

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