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One Wonderful Sunday (1947)

Japan 109m, B&W Director: Akira Kurosawa; Cast: Isao Numasaki, Chieko Nakakita,  Atsushi Watanabe Set in post-war Tokyo, One Wonderful Sunday is a sentimental recounting of a day in the lives … Continue reading

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Gojira (1954)

Japan 96m, B&W Director: Ishiro Honda; Cast: Akira Takarada, Momoko Kōchi, Akihiko Hirata, Takashi Shimura, Haruo Nakajima As a serious science fiction/horror film, Gojira delivered a strong anti-nuclear message. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Thunderball (1965)

UK 130m, Colour Director: Terence Young; Cast: Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Adolfo Celi, Luciana Paluzzi, Rik Van Nutter, Desmond Llewelyn, Bernard Lee Thunderball is the fourth, and arguably the best … Continue reading

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