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in about 100 words or less

Four Word Film Reviews (2010)

Authors: Benj Clews & Michael Onesi; Publisher: Adams Media, 192 pages; ISBN-10: 1440505659 (pbk.)

Conceptually, Four Word Film Reviews is a clever idea that had its beginnings in 1999 with an interactive website founded by one of the book’s author’s – Benj Clews. The book draws from the site’s online database of film summaries written by the site’s members, which contains, at the time of this review: 38,896 films and 328,938 reviews. While this book nicely fits the purpose of fun bathroom reading material, it is best used as the basis for a party game amongst film geeks who can take turns reading the four word reviews and then guessing which movie they describe. In either event, the 1500 Four Word Film Reviews are entertaining and mildly addictive for anyone with a penchant for both word games and movies. In four words or less, the book contains “Mostly Clever Film Reviews” (Klaus Ming March 2011).



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