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Roadkill (1989)

Canada 85m, B&W
Director: Bruce McDonald; Cast: Valerie Buhagiar, Larry Hudson, Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar

Roadkill is a bizarre rock and roll road movie that is loosely inspired by The Wizard of OZ, but with considerably more bloodshed. The wandering plot is essentially about Ramona – a young woman who is sent by a music promoter to Northern Ontario to locate and bring back a band that has gone missing. Her travels, which initially begin by taxi – as she does not know how to drive – result in her meeting a truly odd cast of characters, including a movie director, played by Bruce McDonald, who wants her to star in a film which features dead animals which he finds along the road. Among her other adventures, which are often shot as musical montage, Ramona meets a would-be serial killer, and also learns how to drive. The film’s soundtrack is notable as a time capsule of late 1980s Canadian music which features performances by Nash the Slash, Leslie Spit Treeo, and The Razorbacks (Klaus Ming April 2011).

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