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Marty (1955)

US 90m, B&W
Director: Delbert Mann; Cast: Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair, Joe Mantell, Karen Steele, Jerry Paris

Adapted from a 1953 live television drama of the same name, Marty is a beautiful and intimate story about a kindhearted but socially awkward 34-year-old guy who is pressured by his family to find a nice girl and settle down. With little hope of ever meeting someone, Marty happens upon Clara – a lonely school teacher who is his female equivalent – also resigned to a life without love. Despite his almost immediate attraction to Clara, Marty must deal with his pals, who urge him to look for a more attractive gal. Borgnine’s performance is heartfelt, as he struggles to come to terms with his good fortune and the possibility that he may indeed have a happy life with Clara (Klaus Ming May 2011).

3 comments on “Marty (1955)

  1. movie guy steve

    This is another movie in the large collection of those that surprised the hell out of me. Who knew I’d really like this little domestic drama?

    • Klaus

      Same here. I’d known of this film for years, but never bothered to watch it.

  2. joem18b

    and Borgnine is still working. what a career.

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