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The Hunger (1983)

UK 97m, Colour
Director:  Tony Scott; Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon, David Bowie

The Hunger is a highly stylized and beautiful looking vampire “love/horror” story which is loosely based 1981 novel of the same name by Whitley Strieber. The film, however, suffers from a superficially developed screenplay, a lack of meaningful dialogue, and an inconsistent internal logic. With little for the actors to do but pose, the film plods slowly toward what otherwise could have been an interesting climax – the realization that Miriam Blaylock’s offer of eternal life  to her human companions comes with a horrific caveat which she had failed to reveal. Despite the artistic cinematography and an appropriately haunting soundtrack, the modern-gothic look and feel of this sexually charged film is not enough to save an otherwise disappointing production (Klaus Ming June 2011).

2 comments on “The Hunger (1983)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    I agree, very disappointing. When I watch some of David Lynch’s films, they don’t seem to make sense, but I always feel that there is a logic in there somewhere, I’m just not quite getting it (I have a whole theory about Mulholland Drive, BTW). With this, I’m fairly sure they were just winging it, just posing their incredibly hot actors in artsy situations and hoping for the best.

    One interesting anecdote, from The Celluloid Closet (a very good movie, BTW). They interview Susan Sarandon about this film, and she says that the script said that Catherine Deneuve’s character was supposed to get her drunk before their big sex scene, to explain why this straight girl is suddenly in bed with another woman. Sarandon vetoed the drunkenness, saying, “You don’t have to be drunk to want to go to bed with Catherine Deneuve, no matter what your sexuality may have been until that point.”

  2. Klaus

    I was surprised how little I liked this movie, considering that my memory of the film (from its theatrical run) was pretty positive. I recall initially seeing this with a friend who quickly up and left the theatre without saying a word shortly after the monkey scene. Apparently, all the blood made him nearly pass out – LOL.

    I suspect the Deneuve/Sarandon scenes made a lasting impression on me as well 🙂

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