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Army of Darkness (1992)

US 96m (Director’s Cut), Colour
Director: Sam Raimi; Cast: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Grove

army-of-darknessAs the third film in The Evil Dead franchise, Army of Darkness is one of the funniest horror/fantasy films yet made and the best of the three in terms of special effects, production values and art design. In reprising his role as the Ash, the not-so-clever Oldsmobile ’88 driving, one-armed shotgun toting reluctant-hero and S-Mart employee finds himself transported back in time to the Middle Ages, where his boomstick, chainsaw and his way with the ladies set him apart from all other men. In a film in which all but one of its characters are playing serious roles, it is Campbell’s hilarious posturing and wild facial expressions as a would-be hero which is the main source of the film’s extensive comedic elements (Klaus Ming June 2011).

4 comments on “Army of Darkness (1992)

  1. Marc

    Pretty much every bit of dialog can be printed on a t-shirt and you’d make a mint in sales:P With each film they’ve gotten less and less serious and this is 100% fun any day of the week. Wonder if Raimi will ever get around to making another Ash film.

  2. movie guy steve

    Evil Dead 2 is still my favorite of the trilogy. This would have been my favorite if they’d stayed with all of the extreme, over-the-top gore.

    This one is by far the most quotable of the trilogy.

    • Klaus

      I really need to purchase and re-watch Evil Dead 2.

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