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El Mariachi (1992)

Mexico/US 81m, Colour
Director: Robert Rodriguez; Cast: Eric Guthrie, Chris Knudson, Álvaro Rodriguez, Cecilio Rodriguez, Mark Trujillo

As Robert Rodriguez’s debut film, El Mariachi is an incredibly well-made and extremely low-budget action film which was originally produced for the direct to video market in Mexico, but was eventually marketed to the mainstream international market. Based upon this success, and with one of the best independent films ever made to his credit, Rodriguez has made a number of successful Hollywood films, including two sequels to El Mariachi, namely: Desperado (1995) and Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003). As a Grindhouse style production, El Mariachi is a darkly humorous movie about a young musician whose identity is mistaken for a hitman. To make matters worse, the guitar case carrying mariachi falls in love with a woman who has personal connections to the mob boss who is attempting to kill him (Klaus Ming August 2011).


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