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Zoolander (2001)

US 89m, Colour
Director: Ben Stiller; Cast: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, Gavin Rossdale, Jerry Stiller, Milla Jovovich, David Duchovny, Jon Voight, Vince Vaughn, Judah Friedlander

Zoolander is a ridiculously funny comedy about Derek Zoolander (Stiller), the self-centered and supremely dimwitted three-time male fashion model of the year who involuntarily becomes involved in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia as a means to halt the crackdown on child labor laws. To complicate matters, the hot new model “Hansel” (Wilson) forces Derek into retirement after toppling him at the VH1 Awards for male model of the year. Absurd humor, great supporting performances, and a hilarious lampoon of the high fashion industry are ingredients to one of Stiller’s funniest comedic productions (Klaus Ming August 2011).

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