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Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

Canada/ US/ France/Germany/UK 90m, Colour 3D
Director: Werner Herzog; Narration: Werner Herzog

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a wondrous documentary about the spectacular Upper Palaeolithic art of the Chauvet Cave of southern France. In depicting some of the earliest and most pristine cave art yet discovered, Herzog’s 3D film provides a visual experience which captures the contours of the cave walls which the original artists used in the creation of their images. The documentary also provides a glimpse into Chauvet which otherwise could not be gained, owing to the fact that the cave is virtually closed to all but a few researchers as a means to maintain environmental conditions which have preserved these images. The film’s score as well as Herzog’s use of silence provide a hauntingly beautiful backdrop to Chauvet’s images, and while some of Herzog’s commentary is at times peculiar, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a mesmerizing film which explores the beauty and creativity which lies at the root of our humanity (Klaus Ming August 2011).


3 comments on “Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

  1. Klaus

    Just got back from a trip to France where I visited Pech Merle, Lascaux II and Rouffignac and La Chapelle-aux-Saints. Looking forward to seeing Cave of Forgotten Dreams (again) at the MUN Cinema Series here in St. John’s on October 27, 2011.


  2. SJHoneywell

    “Mesmerizing” is a great word for this. I tuned out the commentary for a lot of it and just enjoyed how gorgeous these ancient artworks are.

    • Klaus

      The commentary is distracting from the images at times, though Herzog’s voice is somehow very appropriate.

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