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Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Finally in St. John’s

cave-of-forgotten-dreams-dvd-coverIn August 2010, I discussed my desire to see Werner Herzog’s new film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams, speculating that it was unlikely that I would get a chance to see this 3D offering in the small Canadian market in which I live. A year later in August 2011, I was afforded the opportunity to see this film while visiting family in Ontario, and was not disappointed as my review suggests. This evening I attended the only showing of this film in St. John’s, as part of the local university film series. What made this evening’s revisit to Herzog’s documentary most interesting is my new appreciation for this remarkable art which I gained from a visit to the caves of Rouffignac, Pech Merle and the reconstruction of Lascaux during our recent tour of France earlier this month. As I suggested in my original 2010 posting: 3D Film, Finally a Purpose? Herzog use of this process is exquisitely employed in the capturing the beauty of Upper Palaeolithic cave art and the expertise of the artists who utilized the walls as part of their creations. Having witnessed first hand the artist’s use of the dimensionality in the creation of this art, I came to better realize the benefits of the 3D technology so beautifully employed by Herzog (Klaus Ming October 2011).


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