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Los Olvidados (1950)

Mexico 80m, B&W
Director: Luis Buñuel; Cast: Alfonso Mejía, Estela Inda, Miguel Inclán, Roberto Cobo, Alma Delia Fuentes, Francisco Jambrina, Jesús Navarro

“The Forgotten” is an Oliver Twist inspired social commentary on child poverty as depicted through the lives of a group of street kids living in Mexico City. Though much of the film is shot in an Italian Neo-realism style, Buñuel employs surrealist elements such as slow motion dream sequence featuring a large chunk of raw meat that suggests that even in their sleep, that the often hungry children cannot escape life’s hardships. Socially conscious, Los Olvidados is a depiction of Mexico rarely seen in the movies of the period. Similar in theme to City of God (2002), child poverty is unfortunately a matter which remains the basis for poignant films such as these (Klaus Ming January 2012).

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