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All Monsters Attack (1969)

Japan 69m, Colour
Director: Ishirō Honda; Cast: Tomonori Yazaki, Eisei Amamoto, Sachio Sakai, Kazuo Suzuki, Kenji Sahara, Haruo Nakajima

allmonstersAll Monsters Attack is a children’s movie seen through the eyes of Ichiro, a young boy who is bullied by his school mates. Through the power of his imagination, he learns valuable lessons from Minilla (Godzilla’s son), whose problems with rival monster Gabara, provides Ichiro the courage to fight back. From the young boy’s point of view, Godzilla becomes a monster superhero and ultimately the protector of children in this ever-evolving franchise. Mercifully, this feature-length movie is just under seventy minutes in length, which is likely more than enough to satisfy the most rabid young fans of monster movies (Klaus Ming February 2012).

2 comments on “All Monsters Attack (1969)

  1. Hoosier X

    GAWD, I love this movie! I hated it when I was a kid because I took Godzilla pretty seriously and I thought this movie was insulting!

    But I saw it years later and I even had it on VHS for years and years and I used to watch it a lot because it is HILARIOUS! The bad dubbing, the weird “real world” scenes, Minya’s stupid voice, the absentee parents, the weird inventor neighbor, the incompetent kidnappers, the little boy’s pathetic life and his obsession with monsters.

    But mostly it’s the bad dubbing. Every time I see this, I laugh after almost every line of dialogue. It never gets old.

    This is not the one where it looks like Godzilla is pooping. BUT IT SHOULD BE!!!!!

    • Klaus

      Heh, heh, yeah, it’s probably the most memorable Godzilla movie for all the wrong reasons 🙂

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