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Rome, Open City (1945)

Italy 105m, B&W
Director: Roberto Rossellini; Cast: Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani, Marcello Pagliero, Vito Annicchiarico

Rome, Open City is a dark anti-fascist drama set in 1944 Italy in which a priest, Don Pietro Pellegrini, becomes the unwilling spectator to the violent interrogation of his friend Giorgio Manfredi – a member of the Italian resistance who is betrayed by his former girlfriend. Pietro’s final appeal to authorities, that it is not wrong for anyone to help others, falls on deaf ears with tragic consequences. Part of Roberto Rossellini’s war trilogy, Rome, Open City’s post-war realism stands in contrast to Hollywood war films of the period (Klaus Ming February 2012).

6 comments on “Rome, Open City (1945)

  1. SJHoneywell

    I found this one quite powerful. I felt the same about Paisan to a slightly lesser degree–this one was the one that seemed to connect with me.

    • Klaus

      I haven’t yet seen the others – but am looking forward to!

  2. Joachim Boaz

    Isn’t this one of the very first movies made in Italy post war? I loved it 🙂 Nice review.

    • Klaus

      Thanks, and yes, I think so – and apparently made on found film left behind by the Germans?

  3. Eric

    Great movie. The first example of Italian Neorealism I ever saw.

    • Klaus

      Yes, definitely. One of my first as well.

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