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Murder, My Sweet (1944)

US 95m, B&W
Director: Edward Dmytryk; Cast: Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kruger, Mike Mazurki

murder_my_sweet_1944Murder, My Sweet is based on the 1940 Raymond Chandler novel entitled Farewell, My Lovely in which Philip Marlowe, a hardboiled private detective is hired by an ex-con to find his estranged girlfriend. While on the case, things quickly get complicated when Marlowe crosses paths with a blackmailing psychiatrist and a femme fatale whose jade necklace is “stolen”. Told as a flashback to the police after the fact, Murder My Sweet is a model Hollywood film noir, and despite Bogart’s better known reprisal of the role, Powell does a fine job at setting the bar (Klaus Ming November 2012).


2 comments on “Murder, My Sweet (1944)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    Powell is indeed good, which surprised a lot of people at the time (until then he had mostly been known as a band singer).

    I have no set image of Marlowe, since I also really liked Farewell My Lovely (Mitchum) and they old-time radio program (Gerald Mohr), in addition to Bogart and Powell.

    • Klaus

      Yeah, i’d only seen Powell in musicals: 42nd Street (1933), Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) and Footlight Parade (1933) – Definitely did a good job, but In the back of my head, I kept waiting for him to break into song 😉

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