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The Spiders (1919-1920)

Germany 173m, silent
Director: Fritz Lang; Cast: Carl de Vogt, Georg John, Lil Dagover, Paul Morgan, Ressel Orla, Rudolf Lettinger

The_SpidersThe Spiders is an Indiana Jones styled adventure serial released in two parts as: The Golden Lake and The Diamond Ship which likely was influenced by earlier French crime serials such as Fantômas (1913-14) and Les Vampires (1915). Although parts three and four of Spiders were never completed, Lang’s venture into the genre of the crime serial fittingly included key elements such as a nefarious secret society, a lost civilization, a secret underground city,  kidnapping, murder and revenge. Though containing all the key ingredients, The Spiders unfortunately relies upon an awfully thin plot and a less than engaging screenplay which tends to drag as with most film serials of this period (Klaus Ming December 2012).

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