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Amour (2012)

Austria, France, Germany 127m, Colour
Director: Michael Haneke; Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert

AmourAmour is a frighteningly realistic and unsentimental drama about the daily experiences of a dying woman and the care provided by her husband as she lay partially paralyzed after a stroke. As the aged couple attempt to maintain normal lives, the challenges of their situation grow to be untenable as she becomes increasingly immobile and difficult to care for. Though there are few ways for a film such as this to conclude, Amour is a dark and difficult story filled with anguish, pain and loneliness which is terminated with the husband’s shocking “solution” to their painful situation (Klaus Ming January 2013).


2 comments on “Amour (2012)

  1. TSorensen

    I had been thinking what with all the nomination that I ought to see this one. Now after reading your review I am not so sure. Sound awfully depressing.

  2. Klaus

    It’s the kind of movie you will only want to see once. The acting is outstanding, but the story is terribly bleak.

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