ming movie reviews

in about 100 words or less

Love (2011)

US 86m, Colour
Director: William Eubank; Cast: Gunner Wright, Corey Richardson, Bradley Horne, Nancy Stelle, Roger E. Fanter

loveAs a science-fiction film, Love unexpectedly begins with a civil war battle that includes visually stunning super slow motion sequences. As an examination of loneliness and the need for human contact, Love employs a post-apocalyptic world in which an astronaut is stranded aboard an international space station. During his abandonment on the station, Captain Lee Miller discovers the journal of a soldier of the civil war, whose loneliness and astonishing discovery on the battlefield mirrors his own situation as he orbits earth. Love’s desperate and claustrophobic mood is startlingly effective and increasingly suspenseful as both Lee’s and humanity’s fate are slowly  revealed (Klaus Ming February 2013).

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