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Sushi Girl (2012)

US 98m, Colour
Director: Kern Saxton; Cast: Tony Todd, Mark Hamill, Noah Hathaway, James Duval, Andy Mackenzie, Cortney Palm, Sonny Chiba, David Dastmalchian, Jeff Fahey

sushi-girlSushi Girl is a classic crime caper gone wrong with a story that is told through a series of flashbacks while the mob sits down to a dinner of sushi served atop a naked woman.  At the heart of the story is a gang member nicknamed Fish, who the others believe has hidden their stolen diamonds after their botched getaway. Much of the suspense and surprise is learning whether Fish actually has the loot and whether he will break during his torturous treatment at the dinner party. Of particular note is Hamill’s brilliant portrayal of a sadistic gang member named Crow who has a penchant for extracting more than the truth in this unexpectedly clever and entertaining low-budget production (Klaus Ming February 2013).


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