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Lightning Over Water (1980)

US 90m, Colour
Directed: Wim Wenders & Nicholas Ray: Cast: Nicholas Ray, Wim Wenders, Ronee Blakley, Susan Ray, Tom Farrell, Gerry Bammann

lightning over waterLightning Over Water began as a collaborative idea to tell the story of a dying painter who steals art from museums and replaces them with his own forgeries. Suffering from terminal cancer himself, Ray’s health quickly deteriorates during the project. The film eventually ceases to be a work of fiction and becomes a documentary of Ray’s finals days in which he fittingly spends making film. In reflecting over his career and life, Ray ponders his successes and failures as a film maker who is best known for Rebel Without a Cause (1955). A poignant and often disturbing film, Lighting Over Water is ultimately a painful homage to a film maker and to a friend (Klaus Ming March 2013).

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