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Woody Allen: A Documentary (2011)

US 195m, Colour; B&W
Director: Robert B. Weide; Cast: Woody Allen, Letty Aronson, Diane Keaton, Louise Lasser, Leonard Maltin, Martin Scorsese, Owen Wilson

Woody_AllenAn extraordinary and in-depth look into the life and films of Woody Allen, the writer, director, actor, comedian, musician and one of the most prolific and talented film makers in American cinema history is explored from his earliest days a joke writer up to Midnight in Paris (2011), his most successful box office film to-date. In lieu of film commentaries, which Allen has little interest in, this film provides some fascinating insights into his own feelings about his work, and his though processes about writing, casting and directing. Likewise, the interview footage with his sister about Woody provides an enlightening context from which to further understand Allen’s motivations and choices in life (Klaus Ming March 2013).

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