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Badlands (1973)

US 95m, Colour
Director: Terrence Malick; Cast: Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Ramon Bieri, Warren Oates

badlandsBadlands is the story of a psychopath and his reluctant teenage accomplice who begin a killing spree that takes them from South Dakota to Montana. Based on the real life Starkweather–Fugate killings, which also inspired the films Kalifornia (1993) and Natural Born Killers (1994), Badlands is filled with beautiful images and music that are contrasted against a series of senseless killings. Narrated by Spacek, who plays Sheen’s young accomplice, their crimes are told as the romantic fairytale of a naive young girl who is infatuated with her James Dean lookalike boyfriend (Klaus Ming June 2013).

2 comments on “Badlands (1973)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    The most amazing thing about this movie (which has many virtues) is that it manages to keep exactly the right tone throughout. One false note, and the spell is broken and it becomes a joke.

    How interesting also that the same events could have inspired two movies as different as this one and NBK.

  2. Klaus

    Agreed, and all three are pretty loose adaptations of real life events (though this one may be the closest of all). Spacek is very believable – and really holds the the film together with her narration.

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