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Il Conformista (1970)

Italy 111m, Colour
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci; Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Stefania Sandrelli, Dominique Sanda, Enzo Tarascio, Gastone Moschin

TheConformistThe birth of fascism in Italy is explored in this remarkable sociopolitical drama which employs a series of flashbacks to tell the story of Marcello Clerici, a man who simply wants to create a “normal” life for himself. Through his life’s experiences we are shown how his personal ethics are tested when he is given the task of assassinating one of his former university professors, and that his desire to “conform” will require that he sacrifice his real values. A dark drama, The Conformist is a cinematic masterpiece that is exquisitely set and photographed (Klaus Ming July 2013).

2 comments on “Il Conformista (1970)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    One of my father’s favorite movies. He took me to see it when I was young, but I think I was too young (I’m guessing maybe 13 or 14) and I didn’t get it. I knew at the time that I wasn’t getting it.

    I should give it another try, now that I’m (::cough::) a little bit older.

    • Klaus

      Yeah, i can’t imagine having liked this movie as a kid!

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