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The Descendants (2011)

US 115m, Colour
Director: Alexander Payne; Cast: George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Beau Bridges, Judy Greer, Matthew Lillard, Robert Forster

the-descendantsThe Descendants is a thoughtful family drama about the tragic events which leave an estranged wife and the mother of two in a coma after a boating accident. Events are complicated for the husband when he learns of the wife’s extramarital affair while he attempts to decide the sale of a huge plot of inherited land, for which he is the trustee for many members of his family who stand to become very wealthy with the transaction. Set in Hawaii, The Descendants is a beautiful filmed, well acted drama with dark comedic moments and characters whose decisions are meaningful and thought-provoking (Klaus Ming August 2013).


2 comments on “The Descendants (2011)

  1. SJHoneywell

    I really enjoyed this film. One of its strongest elements is that Hawaii, which would be the focus of a lesser film, is justifiably left in the background of this film–it’s not about Hawaii; it just happens there.

  2. CMrok93

    Nice review Klaus. The cast was great, but the script is where it’s charm really comes out. Not only is it funny, but it’s painfully honest in the way we as people handle grief differently. Some better than others, but we all handle it in our own way.

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