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Margaret’s Museum (1995)

UK/Canada 114m, Colour
Director: Mort Ransen; Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Clive Russell, Craig Olejnik, Kate Nelligan, Kenneth Welsh, Andrea Morris

margarets_museumMargaret’s Museum is a dark and tragic love story about a woman’s grief and defiance after losing much of her family to the coal mines in Glace Bay Nova Scotia during the 1940s. Based on Sheldon Currie’s 1979 novel entitled The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum, Margaret’s Museum is a beautifully photographed and wonderfully scored film with haunting and unforgettable images and melodies. A deeply moving and original film, Helena Bonham Carter and Clive Russell give remarkably convincing and heartfelt performances in this powerful film about life and death in small Canadian coal mining community (Klaus Ming September 2013).


4 comments on “Margaret’s Museum (1995)

  1. vinnieh

    Great post, I’d never heard of this film until I read this review. I am curious to see it now.

    • Klaus

      I’m not sure why this film is not more broadly known, especially considering Helena Bonham Carter’s role in it. One of the finest Canadian films ever made.

  2. jennypugh

    I’m the same as vinnieh, I’d never heard of this film so thanks for posting, it looks great. I’ve now added it to my ‘to watch’ list on LoveFilm 🙂

    • Klaus

      Hi Jenny, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, though you may be surprised 🙂

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