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Slacker (1991)

US 100m, Colour
Director: Richard Linklater; Cast: Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan, Mark James, Stella Weir, John Slate, Louis Mackey, Teresa Taylor

slackerEspousing often ridiculous conspiratorial ideas and half-baked philosophies, the deadpan characters in Slacker are a number of largely unrelated individuals whose conversations link them through their shared haplessness in society. Set in Austin Texas, this is an oddly interesting loosely structured low-budget film that lacks any traditional form of plot, and simply makes its way from one character to the next – a device which Linklater uses again with even greater success in Waking Life (2001). Often noted as one of the most influential independent films of the 1990s, Slacker’s originality seems to be a reflection of that generation’s Attention Deficit Disorder (Klaus Ming October 2013).

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