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Gravity (2013)

US/UK 90m, Colour, 3D
Director: Alfonso Cuarón; Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

gravityAn eye-popping thriller set in orbit around earth, Gravity is easily the best use yet of 3D film technology. A simple plot, which essentially follows Bullock, an astronaut who survives a catastrophic accident which destroys her ride back to earth, this is an intimate and experiential film which puts the viewer virtually into outer space. The film’s spectacular cinematography more than compensates for all but a couple of technical inaccuracies which could have easily been avoided without altering the film’s dramatic effect. A must-see in 3D, the film is a new benchmark in computer generated outer space-based movie magic (Klaus Ming November 2013).


6 comments on “Gravity (2013)

  1. SJHoneywell

    A friend of mine called this a minimalist plot on a maximalist stage. I wasn’t too bothered by the scientific inaccuracies of it–I went specifically to be bowled over by the special effects, and I most certainly was.

    • Klaus

      I did too, and was forgiving on most things – except the scene where Clooney detached himself from Bullock. What utter nonsense! They had stopped, there would have been no force pulling at them. All she had to do was gently pull on the line and he would have floated toward her. A silly melodramatic typical Hollywood scene that was totally unnecessary.

  2. CMrok93

    Nice review Klaus. While it was a beautiful movie to just gaze at and get sucked into, the script really did some damage to it. Especially that piss-poor character-development, if that’s what you can classify it even as being.

    • Klaus

      I wouldn’t disagree. I really didn’t think I’d like this movie after reading a few reviews before seeing it – for the reasons you describe. Definitely one that has divided audiences. It could have been a whole lot better.

  3. Dave

    Nothing but a piss-poor movie. Anyone who enjoyed this movie has low expectations!!!

    • Klaus

      It was a frustrating movie that looked fabulous, but was marred by the stupidity of some of the plot elements and the ridiculous ending. I had had low expectations, perhaps that helped…

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