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The Book of Illusions (2002)

Author: Paul Auster; Publisher: Henry Holt and Company; 232 pages; ISBN-0-8050-5408-1

BookOfIllusionsThe Book of Illusions is the fictional story of David Zimmer, a writer who becomes involved in researching and writing a book on the life of a little-known silent film comedian named Hector Mann. As a means to deal with his own grief over losing his family, David’s research unwittingly leads him to discover the truth behind Mann’s disappearance in the late 1920s. An imaginatively credible and cleverly written multi-layered  story, Auster’s novel also serves as homage to both literary endeavors as well as the silent film era (Klaus Ming December 2013).


2 comments on “The Book of Illusions (2002)

  1. Klaus

    Thanks to Chris @ http://www.1001afilmodyssey.blogspot.ca/ for recommending this book. A great read on my vacation in Cuba over Christmas 2013.

  2. Chris, a librarian

    Glad you enjoyed it! Auster’s descriptons of Hector Mann’s movies were so vivid that I had to remind myself that they were coming out of his imagination and weren’t actual movies! This was the first Auster book I read and have read several since.

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