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The Dead (1987)

83m, Colour
Director: John Huston; Cast: Anjelica Huston, Donal McCann, Dan O’Herlihy, Donal Donnelly, Helena Carroll, Cathleen Delany

TheDeadJohn Huston’s last film, The Dead is a wonderfully slow-paced drama based on James Joyce’s short story of the same name. Taking place in Dublin around the turn of the twentieth century, The Dead is a highly personal film that follows the events at a party held by two elderly sisters in which the audience is introduced to their many guests. Though largely a study in characters, personal revelations between the sisters’ nephew Gabriel and his wife Gretta provide a poignant and existential moment in this elegant film (Klaus Ming December 2013).

2 comments on “The Dead (1987)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    An amazing film. I believe Huston had planned for years that this would be the last movie he made.

    When I go back and read the story, it always strikes me how cold Joyce was to Freddy Malins, the drunk, whereas in the movie Freddy rallies and does quite well at the end. It always feels to me like the difference between a young man’s story and an old man’s version, with a somewhat warmer and more forgiving heart.

    (By the way, whenever I meet anybody who has never read Joyce and is not sure where to start, or is intimidated by his reputation, I tell them to read this story, because I have always thought it was the best thing he ever wrote.)

  2. Klaus

    I’ve read little Joyce, and not this story. sounds like something I need to do! I quite enjoyed this adaptation.

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