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The Skin Game (1931)

UK 77m, B&W
Director: Alfred Hitchcock; Cast: Edmund Gwenn, Helen Haye, C.V. France, Jill Esmond, John Longden, Phyllis Konstam

chloeA dreary social melodrama, The Skin Game is an oddity in Hitchcock’s film catalogue. Lacking the intrigue, suspense and thrills which are usually associated with Hitchcock productions, this is a slow-moving film that is heavy in dialogue about two families with opposing world views. The Hornblowers, are self-made people with “new” money, and the Hillcrists are the old guard – the entitled local gentry. Though glimpses of sophisticated camera work occasionally shine through this mundane affair, The Skin Game is little more than a curiosity for die-hard Hitchcock fans (Klaus Ming January 2014).

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